Get deep with me
Dive in, dive down
Deep dive with me

Explore beneath superficiality
Feel extremity

Life far from luminosity
Complicated mystery

Get deep with me
Dive in, dive low
And then we will get high

Ruby Love

How can I explain my love
Forceful, potent love of

You, never shall you know
Adoring stitches I have sewn

Prick of needle, in and out
Blood on linen, marking doubt

Remember on the avenue
With brick-red crayon I outlined you

You so tall and smile so bright
I pining that you might

Mention me as in your dream
Candy vision, crisp, citrine

Yet, I requiring ruby love
Mining insufficient of


You, yeah you
You have marked me
Brazenly tattooed me
Fire and dragon
You have tinted me
Have toned me
Have hued me
Lust red and flame blue
You come to me
Draw upon me
Leave your mark so righteously
Burn incisively
Your color impresses
Singes me
Etches just the edge of me
Penetrate deep in me
Burn and glow
Pierce color into me
Me, yeah me


I need to see you
Will you spin to me once more
Will you lend your finger
As I twirl on solo axis
What if I can’t help but
Lose my footing
If I reel too near
Will you finally step aside
I need to see you
I need to kiss you good-bye

Verify Me

As I stand before you aching
Tell me that you see me
That I penetrate profoundly
As I bow my head seeking gratitude
Tell me I expand you
Transform you essentially
As I grieve a life-stage spent
Tell me you are witness
To timeless beauty
As I stand before you yearning
Tell me something I once knew
Tell me I will become


Do you brightly grin, speaking slickly chosen words
Only that others might buy your amphetamine?
Are your motives ever borne of animal need
For the licking of shared wounds?
Or are you wily and nimble
Selling your speed until high moon?
Do you ever abandon gain, empty your pockets
and go to prowl, smitten with another?

Straight Shooter

You’re not the straight shooter you pretend to be
I see through your less than perfect aim
You seem dead on moving target
Yet you clearly wage a duel
Lone wandering hunter
Is your self-portrait image
You ought not be framed
But instead be taken down
Back against the wall
Confessing to untruths
Stunned by my resolve to love you
At last you drop your arms