Lovely, Lovely Darkness

Should darkness always be my friend
Intensity dodging looming daybreak
Night is for doing, feeling, reeling
Sight and sound in crisp harmony

Morning is for longing
Rise before the dawn
Breathe in perfumed melody
Hoping for a message

There always is a message
Dancing on a message
To keep the dream from waking
Promise of a message

Never calling me back
To the ache that is unfathomable
The possibility of the new
Entrances like a jailbreak


Hold space for me as bodies wither
I will remind you of nimble, bronze agility
Of pounding need for sensory

Hold space for me, so I may be imperfect
You, in turn, will have wings of gratitude to lift you

Hold space for me as I learn to live this time
This time that was unplanned

This time we haven’t much of

And I will hold space for you


Life Ache

Bruised shin hard fast work good pain ache
Puncture wound humiliation stabbing nausea hurt ache
Drowning gasping fear escape help me ache
Hangover sweet light headed swirling twirling love ache


Sweet manboy
Born of diamond earth
What is your joy

Honest, earnest manboy
Hard and durable
Unalterable, unbreakable
Sharp and proper

You have heeded
Mama’s plea
Taking extreme care
Wrenching always high to see

You are essence
Raw, unmined ore
Tender, targeted earth boy
Pure, true core

Verify Me

As I stand before you aching
Tell me that you see me
That I penetrate profoundly

As I bow my head seeking gratitude
Tell me I expand you
Transform you essentially

As I grieve a life-stage spent
Tell me you are witness
To timeless beauty

As I stand before you yearning
Tell me something I once knew
Tell me I will become


There’s something I’ve not told you
I might implode


A story you’ve not heard about
I might give way


If you learn the truth, my mystery
I might disintegrate


Mia’s Shoes

Pure girl upon the rails
You who wonders
Knowing not yet
The calling of your soul

Sweet blossom
Garnet lips of red
Brow furled, pondering
Edge of wonderment

Opalescent, olive skin
Dewy sweat of prancing youth
Cotton frock and underpants
Maryjanes your travel shoes

Buckles straight from history
Binding girlhood timelessly
Skip freely, my love
Step in sturdy, solid shoes