Mia’s Shoes

Pure girl upon the rails
You who wonders
Knowing not yet
The calling of your soul

Sweet blossom
Garnet lips of red
Brow furled, pondering
Edge of wonderment

Opalescent, olive skin
Dewy sweat of prancing youth
Cotton frock and underpants
Maryjanes your travel shoes

Buckles straight from history
Binding girlhood timelessly
Skip freely, my love
Step in sturdy, solid shoes


Gemstone pearl
Born of the sea
You are she
You are we

Rolling wave
On the cusp
Love body and lust
Flow to him
Ebb to me

Dark moontime
No longer asleep
Tide surging to the shore
Always she
Ever, ever we


Get deep with me
Dive in, dive down
Deep dive with me

Explore beneath superficiality
Feel extremity

Life far from luminosity
Complicated mystery

Get deep with me
Dive in, dive low
And then we will get high

Ruby Love

How can I explain my love
Forceful, potent love of

You, never shall you know
Adoring stitches I have sewn

Prick of needle, in and out
Blood on linen, marking doubt

Remember on the avenue
With brick-red crayon I outlined you

You so tall and smile so bright
I pining that you might

Mention me as in your dream
Candy vision, crisp, citrine

Yet, I requiring ruby love
Mining insufficient of


You, yeah you
You have marked me
Brazenly tattooed me
Fire and dragon
You have tinted me
Have toned me
Have hued me
Lust red and flame blue
You come to me
Draw upon me
Leave your mark so righteously
Burn incisively
Your color impresses
Singes me
Etches just the edge of me
Penetrate deep in me
Burn and glow
Pierce color into me
Me, yeah me


I need to see you
Will you spin to me once more
Will you lend your finger
As I twirl on solo axis
What if I can’t help but
Lose my footing
If I reel too near
Will you finally step aside
I need to see you
I need to kiss you good-bye