Month: May 2014


I need to see you
Will you spin to me once more
Will you lend your finger
As I twirl on solo axis
What if I can’t help but
Lose my footing
If I reel too near
Will you finally step aside
I need to see you
I need to kiss you good-bye

Straight Shooter

You’re not the straight shooter you pretend to be
I see through your less than perfect aim
You seem dead on moving target
Yet you clearly wage a duel
Lone wandering hunter
Is your self-portrait image
You ought not be framed
But instead be taken down
Back against the wall
Confessing to untruths
Stunned by my resolve to love you
At last you drop your arms



Feather plume
Spread depriving doom
Fan of glory
Poet’s story
Who dons you wild
She who births the child
Fan of glory
Mother’s story
Child of mine
By cord and wine
Red feather glory
Heart’s love story


Blast sky high within it
If you reach frightful elevation
Glide exhilarated above the canopy

Immerse yourself peacefully into it
If it’s made of tears
Guzzle the salty water

Magnificent force of passion
Breathe it in shamelessly
Bleed it out with indulgence


One, two
Look at you
Three, four
On the floor
In a ball
All full of pain
Drink in sister
Tonic rain
Five, six
Own the fix
Seven, eight
Not your fate
In your hands, girl
You, the one
Move yourself, now
Get it done

Love Song

Maybe it’s not love I’m talking about
Maybe it’s vulnerability
Take a risk on dependency
Do intimacy
Be in need
And let it go
Maybe it’s not loving I’m talking about
Maybe it’s being loved
Drop your guard
Get unafraid
Close your eyes
And let it go