Month: February 2018

Ruby Love

How can I explain my love
Forceful, potent love of

You, never shall you know
Adoring stitches I have sewn

Prick of needle, in and out
Blood on linen, marking doubt

Remember on the avenue
With brick-red crayon I outlined you

You so tall and smile so bright
I pining that you might

Mention me as in your dream
Candy vision, crisp, citrine

Yet, I requiring ruby love
Mining insufficient of



Sweet, sweet tonic
Where are you
I want to drink you in
And stumble in your sparkle

Are you champagne
Are you whiskey
Are you absinthe
Are you blood, red, passion poison

Cryptic, profound drink
Potion for my pounding heart
Elixir for my pulsing soul
Where did you go

I need you still
Need you here with me
Need you next to me
Need to taste your words